Search Engine Optimisation

People search for everything on the internet these days. Whether its goods or services, people no longer always ask a friend for a recommendation or search through phone books but do all their research online. To do this, they make use of search engines, so its imperative that your site is search engine optimised to make sure that when potential clients are looking for your services, you are there.

Keyword Research

To meet the expectations of your clients online, you need to first understand what the market demand is. Our thorough keyword research showcases exactly what words and phrases your potential customers are using. Through this we can align your messaging on your website to match those searches and even spot potential opportunities for new products or services that the population needs!

Technical Site Audits

SEO is not all about keywords, but making sure that your site is built in accordance with the recommendations by Google and any other search engines your customers are using. Is your website fast enough for mobile? Is it designed with mobile devices in mind to make mobile customers convert? Do you have conflicting pages on your website or broken links? A technical site audit is like fixing and tidying up your showhouse before letting people come and view it.

Offsite Optimisation

It's not all about elements on your website but also making sure that all relationships with other platforms on the internet are monitored and optimised. Is your Google Places listing conveying all the correct information and managed to secure you additional customers? Are there any bad links pointing at your website that Google may frown upon and drop your rankings? What is your offsite brand reputation and how can it be better managed? Lets Go Media specialises in making sure that you're aware of both the dangers and the opportunities with other platforms that will improve your overall digital marketing performance.

Search Engine Optimization Services offered

Keyword Research

Meta Tag Optimisation

Comprehensive Site Audit

Google My Business

Backlink Analysis

Mobile Optimisation

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