Google Ads

Whether you’re needing to make an immediate marketing impact when launching new business ventures or simply have a dynamically shifting business model that is agile to market demands, Google Ads will be your channel of choice.


Dont Pay For What you Don't Get

Google Search Ads work on the principle of Pay-per-click or PPC, meaning that if no one interacts with your search ads, you dont pay for having them available. With Let's Go Media we take it a step further and focus your ads on potential converting customers, making sure your budget delivers the most with every click.

Target Your Audience

Making sure you are targeting the queries of your potential customers and communicating with them in ways that convert is the art of Google Ads. We research your business AND your clients to write copy or produce image ads that resonate and we iterate these designs over time.

Stay In Touch with Retargeting

Reminding customers of where they saw a great deal, or even showcasing other amazing products or services that you offer can reinforce that initial experience or bring back potential customers who have lost their way. Retargeting with Google Ads speaks to people who have already visited you to remind them how you have the best products or services that they need!

Google Ads Services Offered

Google Search Ads

Tailored Campaign Setup

Google Display Ads

Professional Ad Copy

Retargeted Ads

Focus on ROI

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