Data Analytics

Understanding the performance of your online business is critical to the success of your digital marketing efforts. Who are your online clients? What are the best pages on your website? Are potential customers finding it easy to use your site? Are you getting results from your digital spend?

Understanding Audiences

Data provides us the answers of how to provide your potential customers with what they are looking for. What words do they use to search for your particular services or products in Google? What devices are most popular with your audiences? How much time do clients spend on a particular product page? Using this information in practice can turn a corner store into a super store!

Understanding Performance

Getting the most from your advertising spend and digital platforms means that you need to separate the wheat from the chaff. While all data has some value, understanding which metrics are important to you and where to make priority changes will elevate returns and experiences for your users. Let's Go Media Analysts will tailor their efforts to improve performance where it matters for you.

Understanding ROI

Which of your products are most profitable for your business? Which products are the quick sellers and bring in upsells? Where are you getting the most value from your digital marketing spend? Do brand awareness metrics or general leads mean more for you in the long run? We aim to ask the right questions, interpret the correct data to provide you with the answers to improve what YOU need your business to do.

Data Analytics Services offered

Customised Reporting

Audience Identification

Interactive Digital Reports

Holistic Digital Reporting

Performance Analysis

Customer Journey Analysis

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